CfP: Contested Borders? Practising Empire, Nation and Region in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Polnisch-deutsche Grenze auf Usedom/Uznam (Foto: Levke Harders, 2016) CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE

Conference at the German Historical Institute London, 26–28 April 2018

by Levke Harders (Bielefeld University) and Falko Schnicke (German Historical Institute London)

Brexit, the Basque country, Kashmir – the drawing of social and spatial boundaries, the question of belonging, and the creation of identity are at the heart of many current debates. They are based on general political, social, and economic developments and the historical experience of individuals. This is why the drawing and negotiating of borders is a relevant topic for historical research. Although borders (are intended to) define geographical and cultural spaces and possibly also political communities, there is nothing ‘natural’ about them. Rather, they are the outcomes of specific historical conditions.